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                  Shanghai Jiading Malu Chemical Co., Ltd.


                  Sodium bisulfite

                  English Name: Sodium bisulfite
                  CAS NO: 7631-90-5
                  Molecular Weight: 104.061
                  EC NO: 231-548-0
                  Molecular Formula: NaHSO3
                  InChI: InChI=1/Na.H2O3S/c;1-4(2)3/h;(H2,1,2,3)/q+1;/p-2
                  Standard: Reagent grade
                  Packing: 25/50kg fiber woven bag lined with polythene bag.
                  Product Description:   
                  Grade: Photographic grade, technical grade;
                  Property: Colorless monoclinic crystal or white crystalline powder, with sulfur dioxide odor. Relative density 1.48. Breaks down if heated, soluble in water. Aqueous solution presents acid, slightly soluble in alcohol. It should be tightly kept in shading place.
                  Inspection Standard: IS: 248-1971
                  Use:  Photographic imaging, food preservative, organic matter bleaching, dye, pharmaceutical, paper making, leather, chemicalsynthesis, reducing agent, insecticide. It can be used as fungicide in beverage industry. In addition, it can also be used for the production of saccharin, spice and hydroxylamine hydrochloride, etc.
                  Alias: Sodium hydrogen sulfite; Sodium Bisulphite; sodium hydrogen sulfate
                  Structural Formula: